What is the SharePoint Showcase? 

The SharePoint Showcase features new experiences that use the latest web technologies along with the SharePoint Framework, available in Developer Preview in Office 365.   

Web parts on the SharePoint Showcase are built with the SharePoint Framework, which is designed to provide a quick page editing experience that works as fluidly as any app.  Parts can be easily & interactively designed, using inline editing toolbars and responsive property panes.  These parts work great with mobile devices, whether they are viewed in web pages or the SharePoint mobile app. 

Getting your web part on the Showcase 

The SharePoint Showcase features selected parts from early Dev Kitchen partners that leverage the latest in SharePoint technologies.  If you’ve built a new SharePoint Framework web part or add-in, please let us know about it!  Reach out to us, and we’ll let you know more about getting your component featured in the SharePoint Showcase.


Microsoft makes no representations about the functionality, accuracy, availability, quality, completeness, validity or non-infringement of third party rights of any links to third-party webparts made available on the SharePoint Showcase.